Is There a Bad Time to Tackle Toilet Training

There are tips and advice all over the internet about when the time may be right. We all know that to potty train; your child must be ready. They should be able to hold their waste, know what it means to dirty a diaper, understand basic instructions, sit on the toilet, etc. Admittedly, these things are key to successful toilet training adventures for you both. However, there are also times when you may want to put it off and allow things to calm down before you start.
Avoid Training During Times of Change
Most toddlers do not handle changes well. Therefore, you should hold off on potty training if there are changes happening right now. These big changes may include getting a new brother or sister, moving to a new home, or even changing from a bed to a crib.
If you attempt to potty train during these changes and your child then has a setback with frequent accidents, it may be harder to get them to try again. It becomes frustrating and they may get upset with themselves. A better solution is to put it off so that you and your child only have to go through it once. Then, give them a little while after the change has taken place so that they can adjust to the new situation.
Step Back from Potty Training for Other Reasons
Let’s say that you are trying to potty train, but your child has not fully grasped it well enough to avoid all accidents. Now, you are going on a trip to visit family several hours away. It is a good idea to allow them to use pull-up pants on these long trips. If they have an accident in the car or on the plane, it will not be a big deal for either of you.
You should also consider using pull-ups if your child is not feeling well. Diarrhea and other illnesses that make them have a hard time getting to the bathroom are also good reasons. Maybe they have a fever and want to sleep more than usual. They may not feel the urge to go potty or simply may not feel like doing it at the time. In both situations your child, and you will have a lot less stress if you hit the pause button on potty training.

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